How to Kick Start a Wikipedia Page for Your Company

Wikipedia is a place we all like to dawdle into from time to time and why not? It's a central hub for all-inclusive knowledge and is a trusted source at that. Whether we want to inform ourselves about the Darwinian Evolution or know the juicy personal details about our favorite celebrity, Wikipedia never fails us.
No matter what you type in the Google search bar, you will more often than not see a Wikipedia page box either on the right side of the screen or, see Wikipedia content be ranked at the very top of the search engine results. This goes to show that having a Wikipedia page is indeed a strong move for companies to make as it increases their chances for immediate visibility to their audience and also boosts their presence.
So how may one kick start their Wikipedia page for their company? Here are the following steps to achieving an authenticated Wikipedia page for your company:

  • First things first, create an account
    To write on Wikipedia you must do the obvious; register an account. This is very important to keep in mind because it provides you the security to write pages and articles. If you don't create an account, however, chances are your IP address is taken into public record and edit history - this means, the team at Wikipedia can easily track and monitor your activities on their website and see if you have taken something from some other writer's articles. If they catch you doing so, you are blocked.
    But besides that, it is just safer to have your account so that you may gain credibility as a writer and maybe even build your writing portfolio for future references. Having an account also gives you the advantage to gain the reader's trust and distinguishes you as a credible and skilled writer.
  • Focus on building a reputation
    As an amateur, your primary objective should be to refine your writing and editing skills, not to appear like some professional journalist – because you are not. Start small and work your way up gradually. Start with making some proper edits on already-existing pages to test your skills, and if everything goes smoothly, you then may begin with creating pages from ground zero.
    It’s normally after you have made 10 successful edits that you get promoted to a confirmed user – this is when your edits will be confirmed without having to undergo many reviews from the Wikipedia team. So, the better you perform in terms of successful edits, the less likely you are to getting your page deleted.
  • Decide how to construct your company’s content
    When representing your company in the best light, you have to make sure all the necessary rules and guidelines are followed to ensure accuracy, authenticity, and credibility. To write a page for your company, you must first get acquainted with Wikipedia's notability test. This test determines whether or not your company's content is notable enough to be published. For your page to pass the notability test, you must make sure your company is occupied with new and unique projects so it has better chances to get featured.
  • Carry out a secondary research
    It is perfectly normal and common to struggle with writing a new topic from scratch – this is why we always recommend you do a quick skim through similar topics on Wikipedia to get an idea of how to get started. When writing a page for your company, type in your company’s name in Wikipedia’s search bar and see if there has been anything written about it.
  • The Tale of the Wizard and the Sandbox
    Not an actual tale but the title did give it that feel. When you are about to post your Wikipedia content, you have two choices; either start scribing your content away on The Wizard or, first get cozy and comfortable with practicing your editing and writing on Sandbox.
    Once you are satisfied with how things are looking on Sandbox, you may then go ahead with cutting and pasting it on the Article Wizard.
  • Cite your work
    Like any credible piece of document, proper and authentic citations have to be mentioned to boost the content's legitimacy. This is extremely important to do in the arena of Wikipedia content writing because no unauthentic work is ever accepted and approved. At Wikipedia, authenticity, trust, and credibility are the top three components in writing a page.
    So when you are drafting your company’s website, you must insert your website’s link, references, and, not to forget, any guest sites that may include backlinks to your company’s website. Citations are vital to boost your company page’s credibility and give your readers a trustworthy piece of information.
  • Submit your page for a review
    Now that you have written, revised, edited and reviewed your work all by yourself, now it's time to leave it to the editors at Wikipedia to review it one more time before publication. In their review process, Wikipedia will measure out the notability of your page's content. It will check whether or not your material passes the notability test; if it does, your company's page will be approved and published on Wikipedia as a verified page.
  • Update
    Even after your company’s page has been approved, a few weeks or months down the line, your page will require some updating. In other words, your job as a Wikipedia writer never ceases. There is always room for improvement and updating in the Wikipedia arena. Constantly updating and renewing your page gives readers a sense of transparency, trust, and honesty.
    Being a company that wishes to promote its reputation, the company's page needs to involve the latest information about the company's projects, activities, etc. to give their readers and potential customers an honest and transparent outlook about their company.
    With an abundant overflow of information present in every facet of the world, companies must gather information and details for the sake of their company’s outstanding performance and results.